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"A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just." - Pope Francis, 17 March 2013

The Greatest Triumvirate on this Earth

By Robert H Cummings

The greatest triumvirate on this valid Earth is that of God our Lord, Jesus (Christ the King) and us, male and female in true and full Love, true and full Compassion and true and full Inclusiveness.

The Lord truly Loves us as His Children. The scope and true depth of His Love is far beyond our greatest imagination. It is of such a scope and depth that as one Spiritualist has stated that when He forgives our wrongs, he not only forgives, but fully forgets the transgression. We, as humans may forgive the transgression of another human, but do we truly forget?

We are His sons and daughters. Would he, as our Creator be incapable of such Love? Do we love our own children (perhaps not in all cases, but therein the major deficit shows itself)? God’s Love for us is again beyond our greatest imagination.

Remember, the Holy Spirit is within all of us. We are part of the Godhead as such. Would he then be incapable of Loving his children whom all have within themselves the Holy Spirit? It is the Holy Spirit that directs us through the grace of God to do only good towards others of our human race, of all colors and of all sexual orientations and ethnic background. Why otherwise defy God, who has created all of us, but only with different stripes?

Jesus, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity came, not to dictate, but to give us a path to follow. He stayed with the lowly and served them to the ultimate. Faith was the driving force that supported His actions. One particular person merely had to touch His robe to cure his ailing daughter near death and his daughter fully recovered at the very same instant. He cured the lepers, saved the prostitute, cured the blind, and even resurrected Lazarus. Did deep and abiding faith not have an influence?

He came also to correct the failings in His own Jewish Faith, in dialogue with the Scribes and Pharisees indicating that dogmatic rules did not constitute a valid or true Faith. Our own churches are and have demonstrated for hundreds of years now that they are simply making the same demands. Is it any wonder that so many have left the churches of the day when the only direction is to adhere to unproven and euphemistic demands, rather than allowing the Holy Spirit that supports our true and valid Conscience to work within us? The lack of honest common sense and conscientious decision is not to be allowed.

Remember, in particular, that the Catholic Church became the acceptable Church only on the direction of Constantine, a Roman Emperor, several hundred years after Christ. I remain a devout Catholic, not simply to follow mundane and legalistic rules, but to attempt to be truly supportive of all creatures, not only humans, and to attempt changes. It is also important to realize that the Councils of the Catholic Church at those times were convened and directed by the Roman Emperor and doctrines so decided.

The Catholic Church basically denies the Holy Spirit working within us, as they continue to show any meaningful Love, Compassion and more particularly inclusiveness.  Think of some of their present rules and regulations. They continue to consider protection against child bearing as a great sin and use such a dictate simply for mental control.

The premise of Humanae Vitae is totally invalid when they state that each and every sexual act must be open to conception. It only takes one sperm to meet with an ovum to deliver a child. Yet sperm are produced constantly in men for many years and by the millions. But only God can cause such waste. The seminal vesicles can only have room for so many sperm, which according to the Catholic Church can be lost by wet dreams, but by no other means. Such is simply untrue. Contraception, by medical fact begins in infancy, and most early by female siblings, because of the carry over of estrogens from the mother.

Other demands I will not go into at this time. They are well known and continue to drive people away from the Church.

And it is so difficult to understand why the Church continues with such total lack of Inclusiveness. particularly when one reads with valid interpretation words in the Catholic Missal of the year 2006, that are said during the Catholic Mass, confirming that the Holy Spirit indeed works within us.

Quote is now provided in Eucharistic Prayer #2. “May all of us who share in the body and blood of Christ be brought together in unity by the Holy Spirit”. And also in Eucharistic Prayer #3 and again I quote, “Grant that we, who are nourished by his body and blood, may be filled with his Holy Spirit, and become one body, one spirit in Christ “.

Transubstantiation involves the Priest invoking the Holy Spirit of Christ to join in the receiving of the body and blood of his body so as to enkindle the Holy Spirit within us. The immensity of His Holy Spirit simply enkindles the Holy Spirit within us.

The body and blood of Christ are fully and totally human. He made that clear Himself when He became man and I think also woman, when He stated several times in Scripture “I am the same as you“. He does not transfer his divinity, he transfers his human body and blood. Why, otherwise would it be that the Holy Spirit is so needed to be invoked.

Change is natural as long as truth and conscience are involved.  Unfortunately, the Church denies our very conscience and thereby the Holy Spirit within us. At least as far as the Catholic Church hierarchy is concerned. Certainly, it is long past time for the Church to allow us to become as effective as the reasons for which God put us here.

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Why I support Pope Francis

He is a man of mercy and goodness, exemplifying and preaching a Jesus who is the same.

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